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iTrain – video game app to teach post-stroke care

Researchers from the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania have developed an interactive training app called “iTrain” to support post-stroke care. The app is a course that combines a brochure, a Massive Open Online Course, visual material, and a video game to help caretakers learn how to take care of people who have had a stroke. It teaches exemplary nursing practices, creating a safe home environment, and other essential aspects of post-stroke care.

The app is based on a type of artificial intelligence called deep reinforcement learning and was made using real-life data gathered from medical professionals, stroke survivors, and their families. The effectiveness of the app was measured using the Geriatric Depression Scale.

The app was tested on 25 caretakers and 21 stroke survivors in Lithuania, and the results showed that it was effective in improving the caretakers’ knowledge and abilities. Surveys were taken and showed that the caretakers were not very depressed, and the game was well-liked, with a very favorable score of +0.8.

The “iTrain” game is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Ref: Maskeliunas, R., Damasevicius, R., Paulauskas, A., Ceravolo, M. G., Charalambous, M., Kambanaros, M., Pampoulou, E., Barbabella, F., Poli, A., & Carvalho, C. V. (2022, November 30). Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based iTrain Serious Game for Caregivers Dealing with Post-Stroke Patients. Information, 13(12), 564.

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