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Researchers Develop Stretchable Sensor to Monitor Muscle Atrophy

Researchers at The Ohio State University have developed the first wearable sensor to detect and monitor muscle atrophy. The sensor uses stretchable conductive threads in a zig-zag pattern, allowing it to fit various limb sizes. This device could offer an alternative to MRI monitoring.

Simulation and in vitro results show good agreement, with the sensor capable of detecting muscle volume loss of up to 51% and small-scale changes in limb size. This novel sensor offers improved monitoring for patients with muscle atrophy and introduces innovations in stretchable electronics, potentially paving the way for new wearable devices.


  1. Rice A, Kiourti A. A Stretchable, Conductive Thread-Based Sensor Towards Wearable Monitoring of Muscle Atrophy. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. Published online 2023:1-8. doi:

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