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Smart Bandage to Monitor and Deliver Targeted Treatment for Chronic Wounds

Caltech researchers have developed a new type of smart bandage that uses a custom-developed electrochemical biosensor array to treat chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers and burns. The bandage is made of a flexible polymer containing embedded electronics and medication that can monitor molecules, pH levels, and temperature in the wound. The wearable patch is biocompatible, flexible, and stretchable and can conform and adhere to the skin wound throughout the healing process.

The bandage can respond in three ways:

  • Transmit wound data wirelessly
  • Deliver medication directly to the wound
  • Apply a low-level electrical field to stimulate tissue growth for faster healing.

The wearable patch demonstrated high accuracy and electrochemical stability for analyzing multiple wound biomarkers in preclinical animal testing. In a rodent model, combination therapy significantly speeded up the healing of chronic wounds.


  1. A stretchable wireless wearable bioelectronic system for multiplexed monitoring and combination treatment of infected chronic wounds. Science Advances. Published 2023. Accessed March 24, 2023.

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2 responses to “Smart Bandage to Monitor and Deliver Targeted Treatment for Chronic Wounds”

  1. Oh wow.. This is amazing! I have seen wounds that are very difficult to treat, especially the very wet ones.


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