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Researchers Identify Role of FHL5 Gene in Vascular Disease

Researchers at the University of Virginia Health Systems have identified a gene called FHL5 that plays a crucial role in determining the risk for serious vascular conditions such as heart attacks, aneurysms, and coronary artery disease.

Researchers utilized a multimodal approach through statistical fine-mapping, epigenomic profiling, and ex vivo analysis of human coronary artery tissues. The study shows that the FHL5 gene regulates downstream gene programs involved in vascular remodeling, mediating vascular disease risk through transcriptional regulation.

The discovery provides important new insights into the genetic factors that contribute to vascular diseases and could lead to the development of new treatments and preventive measures for these conditions. The findings may explain some of the heritable risks for complex vascular disease.

Ref: Wong D, Auguste G, Lino Cardenas CL, et al. FHL5 Controls Vascular Disease‚ÄďAssociated Gene Programs in Smooth Muscle Cells. Circulation Research. Published online April 5, 2023. doi:

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